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Hello, my name is Tristan Mayor. I’m owner of Trig Point Sales, an independent sales agency company for bicycle brands.  Manchester eBikes (MeB) is a series of blogs about my experience with eBikes and all that goes with them.

A little background if I may (don’t worry, these blogs are always vetted by a few friends first, to make sure I don’t meander too much).
I’ve been a very keen cyclist pretty much all of my life. I began with BMX racing when I was a youth and started mountain biking when I was around 14. I eventually started racing DH mountain bike racing when I was a student and raced DH regularly right through my 20’s and most of my 30’s. Along the way, I’ve also raced pretty much everything on 2 wheels (without an engine). XC, Cyclocross, Road & Criteriums, Marathons, Enduro’s and I’ve done 10 Megavalanches. I’ve had a few podiums and trophies along the way, but probably my favourite racing achievement was coming 2nd place Master’s category in the 2013 Megavalanche. The Mega’ is a 2500 entrant, mass-start race in Alp d’Huez form the Pic Blanc down a glacier, over ice, snow, scree, mud, dust, and forest ending right in the bottom of the valley. It has literally everything in it.

I have a degree in Geology BSc (Hons) from Manchester University. I worked for 10 years after Uni’ in Railway and Highway construction (ground improvements) and I’ve been in the cycle industry full time for the last 6 years, although I’ve always had a hand in something cycle related since I was 18 building wheels for Planet X.
Anyway, I’m in danger of waffling, so that’s enough personal stuff for now.

A couple of years ago we had our first daughter and my wife is pregnant again now, so the racing is on hold for a while (to say the least!). This is kind of where the eBike thing started. I don’t get so much time for training these days, so eBikes were initially just a way to squeeze some riding into family life, without needing to be fit. I soon realised that eBikes are so much bigger than a quick-fix or a single-use tool….
I live just inside the Peak District on the outskirts of Manchester, in Broadbottom. Its very hilly and the climate is wet! But that’s why I moved here really, to ride hills in the mud. Which makes it an ideal testing ground for eBikes and believe me, I LOVE eBikes. I’ve ridden scores of them and owned around 10 for decent periods of time. All types too, from dutch style city eBikes, to trekking eBikes, folding eBikes, mountain eBikes, hardtails and full-sus, fat eBikes and even some home made bodge-arama’s!

There will be the following blogs below and many others over the next few weeks and months, plus adventures and other experiences with eBikes along the way. Oh and don’t hesitate to contact me with specific requests if you have any.

Planned blog titles (not necessarily in order):

  • 2016 Year in review with eBikes
  • eBike running costs and battery consumption
  • eBike Regulations UK
  • Demonstration days and Races attending, calendar
  • KTM Ventura Vienna / Shimano STePS eDrive,Long term review
  • KTM Macina eGnition / Bosch Performance CX drive, Long term review
  • eBike running costs and battery consumption
  • Types of eBike and which is for you
  • eBike security
  • eBike gearing systems
  • eBike sales stats and trends – EU and UK
  • eBike benefits: Health, rehabilitation, fitness, training and fun
  • eBike Drive Systems, data monitoring and diagnostic reports
  • Maintenance, house-keeping and warranty of your eBike
  • History of the eBike

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